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ESI Green Statement

Echeguren Slate, Inc. is fortunate to be in a building material sector that is environmentally friendly.

Natural stone is inherently a Green building material. Stone has long life cycle. Its' durability imparts quality and permanence in architecture. Our stone requires a relatively small amount of processing to become ready for installation. Many of the natural cleft stones we market required no machine milling and are naturally split by hand or by hydraulic chisel.

Many of our light colored stones have heat reflective qualities which reduce heat island effects. Because stone has good thermal mass, it has the ability to store and slowly release heat in an energy efficient manner.

Stone is a low or maintenance free building material. Roofs and exterior floors require no maintenance. Interior floors are cared for with mild cleaning products. Many of these products can aid in meeting LEED certification.

Echeguren Slate strives to work with environmentally conscious partners. Amongst our most progressive is our Brazilian supplier. This producer converts deactivated quarries into recreational areas which include landscaped lakes with native fish and plant species.

We also work with a domestic supplier whose specialty is salvaging roof slate. The recycled material often has an additional 75 year life cycle as well as offering a wonderful patina of weathered natural colors.

Echeguren Slate would be happy to provide you with additional information about our environmentally friendly products and practices. Please check with us periodically to learn of our participation in sustainable building.


Our showroom and yard are located at 1620 Innes Ave. San Francisco, CA 94124. Phone (415) 206-9343.

Our normal hours: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Saturday 9am-1pm.












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